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deep fog sanitizing

What is Deep FOG Sanitizing?

If you’ve been following us for the last few months, you may have noticed we’ve been expanding our menu of services we refer to include all sorts of home care in addition to our signature Maid Service (see the full list below). Now we’ve added something new and truly amazing: Deep “FOG” Sanitizing & Antimicrobial

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Glitter, Pumpkin Stains, and Candle Wax on Carpets

Halloween Cleanup

Once a year, ghosts, ghouls, banana men, and sexy witches knock on your door and bring out the Halloween spirit. As you open the door they joyfully say, “Trick or treat!“ as you hurriedly reward them with your prepared treats hoping that these would satisfy their devilish temper.  Most of the time treats work but

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Lounge in the summer

End of Summer House Cleaning!

Being that it’s officially the last day of Summer 2020, it’s time to say goodbye to Summer House Cleaning and say hello to Fall! Hopefully, you have used Howard’s to get your maid service in order, so you (a) haven’t had to do any of that deep “Summer Cleaning”, and (b) you haven’t had to

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Football-themed Activities

The new Football season is finally here and we’re all excited to root for our favorite team to win the championship. How well did your favorite team play this week? I don’t know about YOUR house, but ours was filled with family sporting their team jerseys and screaming at a TV screen. Good times! It’s

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Labor Day House Cleaning

We all know Mondays can be a drag. Luckily, tomorrow, September 7th, is Labor Day! We all know that Labor Day entails a long weekend. We would rather spend this time enjoying the company of our friends and family.  Labor Day also marks the end of summer. Thus, making it even more important to spend

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Hiring a House Cleaner During COVID-19

House Cleaning During COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought plenty of change especially for employees and entrepreneurs. In this new normal phase, most employees work remotely at home. Everyone’s at home due to the pandemic. Where does house cleaning during COVID fit within this picture? Keeping your house clean is the first line of defense against disease and illness, and one

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Weekend Summer House Cleaning

It’s the weekend again! You’ve spent the entire week working and you’ve decided that when the weekend comes, you’ll do something fun. Somehow that doesn’t happen. You look around the house and it is a total mess. You would allot the entire day to make your house look spick and span, but going to the

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Activities To Do During Summer (Besides Cleaning Your House)

Some of us are taking a precaution against going outside to avoid getting infecting with COVID-19. There are families that prefer to stay at home and still enjoy the summer with family. Of course, that means things can get messy, but that’s where our services come into play for cleaning your house! So Howard’s has

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