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Dad’s Big Day

Father’s Day is celebrated in order to honor fathers — to celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. What would be a perfect way to celebrate the hardworking and loving fathers and grandfathers? What would be a good way to honor their strength as protectors and providers? Through house cleaning of

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Hand Washing

The Importance of Hand Washing

Did you know that one way to keep yourself safe from getting sick is to wash your hands? Yes, it’s as easy as that aside from eating healthy and drinking your vitamins. There a lot of diseases that have spread all because of the fact that people didn’t wash their hands properly. Proper hand washing

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PSA from Howard of HHCRA

PSA from Howard of HHCRA As you know, the maids (Independent Domestic Workers) referred by Howard’s are the best in the business. They are experts in cleaning and sanitizing. That’s one problem resolved. Next; some of our clients require the maids to wear a mask. This is nothing new. The client’s supply them. We are

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Good Hygiene

Ways To Attain Good Hygiene

Ways To Attain Good Hygiene Good Hygiene, and ways on how to attain it. Do you remember when you were young? Your parents always told you to clean up before eating? Take a bath every day? Nowadays,  with what’s going on right now, I think we should take those reminders seriously. Let us take a

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day First of all, we would like to dedicate this entry to the powerful women in our lives. It may be too late for the post but we still want to give appreciation. We all have known great women in our lives, be it our grandmothers, granddaughters, mothers, aunts, daughters, or wives. They

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Weekly Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning is Better than Monthly

Weekly Cleaning is Better than Monthly Today you’ve decided to pick up the phone and schedule a cleaning appointment. All of a sudden, a thought pops in your head. Should you schedule for a monthly or weekly cleaning? First of all, let me tell you that weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule is better than monthly.

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Leap Day

Leap Day Cleaning

Leap Day Cleaning Today is such an important day. Not only is it a weekend, but it is also a Leap Day. February 29 happens every four years, but exactly do we get an extra 24 hours every four years? This is because Earth’s orbit around the sun is around 365.256 days so a leap

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House Cleaners

Benefits of Hiring House Cleaners

Benefits of Hiring House Cleaners Hiring House Cleaners — In today’s world, it always has to be about being busy and never really having the time to slow down. However, we tend to even forget cleaning up our own houses. We just can’t buy the time to clean up the messy kitchen counters or make

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President's Day

Open on President’s Day

Open on President’s Day President’s Day is the day when we honor the incumbent president and all who have served as president of the United States. Though it is to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, it is also the day we commemorate the previous and current presidents. To boot, I can think of many ways for

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