Open on President’s Day

Open on President's Day

President's Day is the day when we honor the incumbent president and all who have served as president of the United States. Though it is to celebrate George Washington's birthday, it is also the day we commemorate the previous and current presidents. To boot, I can think of many ways for you...
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Valentine’s House Cleaning

Valentine's Day House Cleaning

Valentine's Day is only a few days away and I know you are still thinking about the perfect gift to give. This is the time to show your utmost love to the one your heart beats thrice for. You can think of many delightful things to gift them; a handwritten card of...
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No Sugar Coma From The Holiday Baking

Now that I have come out of the holiday sugar coma it’s time to work on that resolution..... What's more is that, my thoughts for this coming year is to downsize, and get rid of “stuff”.  A dear friend reminded me that “the richest is not who has the...
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This is not the end of 2019

This is not only the end of 2019 but it is the end of years with the teens in it for the rest of this century! We will be celebrating this closure with the hopes of a very successful and prosperous year for every one.  After our party I will be having Howard’s House Cleaning...
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