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House Cleaning – The Overworked Mom’s Thanksgiving Checklist

With Thanksgiving on the plate, you might be even busier with your family and of course, cooking preparations. Let’s face it, the main highlight of the day is the scrumptious food, aside from the lovely people around you!

Not only does Thanksgiving require hours of cooking but also requires tons of preparation time and cleaning time for your home as well.  If you’ve ever hosted a get-together, you’ll be very familiar with the exhaustion that comes after.

Luckily, Howard’s has some tips on how to manage your cleaning time and effort so that you won’t end up stressed and overworked.  We suggest that you plan ahead, tackle big to-do’s first, and focus on the places where you’ll be spending time the most. 

Here is the Thanksgiving checklist to prep your home for the celebration:

Prepare the China and Utensils

Wash or polish the tableware you’re planning on using. Do this ahead of time to avoid the unnecessary cleaning rush that will result in broken pieces. 

Thoroughly Vacuum and Sweep Surfaces 

Pay extra attention to couches or surfaces where guests may lounge! No one likes to get the sniffles.

Make sure the bathroom looks neat

Clean up the surfaces such as the floors, sink, toilet, and mirrors.  If a guest is staying over, cleaning the shower and tub won’t hurt.

Polish the oven and stovetop exhaust range

You’ll want to have a clean range to help reduce food smells that can stick to surfaces

Tidy up the kitchen countertops

Guests often find themselves inside the kitchen.

Throw away the trash

These will be full after all your cooking.

Prepare a disinfection station

It helps with the times! Place a hand-washing soap or a hand sanitizer.

While Thanksgiving can be a lot of work, spending time with the people you love is very rewarding. Cleaning ahead of time can reduce your workload and stress, leaving you more time with your loved ones. 

If you’re in a pinch, Howard’s has got you covered. With our flagship Maid Service, you can rest assured that this Thanksgiving will be stress and worry free. We can handle all the Thanksgiving cleaning for you! We can adjust to your needs and schedule requirements as we offer weekly, bi-weekly, 3+ times per week, occasional cleanings, move-in/out, or one-time cleanings. You can also rest assured that you will have a home that is cleaner than ever before as we take pride in our work. 

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