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4 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your House Cleaning

Here are four things you can do before your cleaning crew arrives to make sure you get the most out of your house cleaning job:

(1) Clear food and dirty dishes

You probably didn’t hire your house cleaner to clean dirty dishes and put away old food!

(2) Clear kitchen and bathroom countertops

This includes decor items, kitchen utensils, toothbrush holders and beauty products. Since your house cleaner will need to remove everything from the sink areas in order to clean, doing this will save valuable time and ensure things don’t go back into the wrong places.

(3) De-clutter your rooms

YOU may know where everything is in a messy pile but your house cleaner doesn’t! When your house cleaner needs to clean under and around that messy pile, it’s going to have to move — and that’s when things go missing. So organizing your clutter in advance of your cleaning will save you from the frustration of misplaced items. “How did this bag of gummy bears end up OVER HERE?!”

(4) Secure fragile items

If you have fragile or valuable items like vases, artwork or curios, definitely communicate with your cleaner about them. If possible, secure or remove them so they don’t accidentally get damaged.

Doing these four simple things will not only help your house cleaner, but you’ll get more out of your cleaning job. It’s a “win-win”!

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