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3 Reasons To Use A Maid Referral Agency

Maybe you have a friend who has a friend whose Uncle’s youngest daughter cleans houses with her boyfriend as a part-time job. They don’t have a website or reviews on Google, but your friend’s friend says they do a good job. You tried calling them for references but their voicemail was full. Still, you’re thinking of trying them out with some much-needed house cleaning. After all, their price is super low. So you had your friend’s friend reach out to them and now you’ve got them scheduled to clean your house this coming weekend! Hooray for friends!!

What could possibly go wrong? Plenty!

We have many clients who went down this road — bouncing from one independent maid to another and never really finding “THE ONE”. But once they found Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency and got a housecleaning professional for their home, they never looked back!

Here are 3 reasons why clients prefer working with a referral agency like ours vs. independent operators.

(1) We fully vet the pros we refer to you

References are IMPORTANT. You need to know that the person you’re hiring has other current, happy clients. And we’re talking about references from true clients like you with whom they share a professional relationship — not references from their friends and family. Sure, your friend’s friend says this maid (+ boyfriend) are good, but then again, they’re related.

Next, background checks and immigration status checks are CRITICAL. You also need to make sure you’re hiring someone who not only can legally work for you, but also someone you WANT inside your home… someone you feel safe with working around your kids… someone who won’t “accidentally” walk out with your jewelry in their pocket. Can you really trust “maid + boyfriend”?

But do you want to spend your precious time (and money) validating references and running background checks?

When you work with “Howard’s”, we completely vet each professional we refer to our clients. We check all the references. You get top-quality professionals cleaning your home, safely and securely.

In addition to security you also get protection from tax exposure. When you use Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, all assigned cleaning companies receive annual 1099’s. In other words, they are paying taxes, and are qualified as Independent Domestic Workers.

(2) You get the right team for the job

Your friend’s friend doesn’t know your home, and the maid (+ boyfriend) she referred to you didn’t really ask more than “How many bedrooms and bathrooms?” when you finally connected. As it turns out, they did an “ok” job on cleaning the living room and the bedrooms, but failed miserably in the kitchen and the bathrooms, and they didn’t even TOUCH the balcony.

What you didn’t know is this part-time “cleaning crew” just can’t handle a house of your size without spending the whole day cleaning! Well, now you know.

You need the right team for the job. When you work with Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, we will tailor a plan to meet your needs. Only then will we refer the best team to handle YOUR job — and then we follow-up to ensure they really ARE the best team for your needs.

The bottom line is, we care. Our clients appreciate the personal touch we provide. We consider our clients an extension of our family.

(3) Reliable, clear communication

You want to get in touch with the maid you hired because you see the job wasn’t handled to your satisfaction. But their voicemail is full… and they don’t respond to texts… and their email bounced (did they misspell “[email protected]”?). Maybe your friend’s friend can talk to her Uncle and get ahold of your maid (+ boyfriend).

On the other hand, you can work with a professional service like ours and always be able to get through to us — by phone, text, email, and website.

And with us, communication is about much more than an open phone line or email inbox. We proactively reach out to you with emailed and texted scheduling reminders, electronic receipts, and post-cleaning surveys. Our work doesn’t end when we refer a professional housecleaning team… we stay in touch with you before, during and after your scheduled cleaning to ensure you’re happy. It’s personal.

Whether you need regularly scheduled cleanings, one-time cleanings, move-in / move-out cleanings, or construction cleanup… we handle it all, so give us a call.

We also have GREAT REFERRALS for Carpet Steam Cleaning, Window Cleaning and more… we are your ONE-STOP-SHOP for taking care of your home.

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