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Manic Monday … House Cleaning and Maid Service !

Manic Monday … House Cleaning and Maid Service !

If last Friday, November 28th, the day after the big Thanksgiving holiday is referred to as “Black Friday” … than I think it’s only appropriate to call the Monday that follows … “Manic Monday”!

Congratulations… you have survived the first big day of the holiday season!

We are all back to the grind and back to work today. Exhausted from eating, entertaining and probably house cleaning.

Now that your guests are gone, you are probably noticing lots of areas that really need cleaning. Maybe your seating areas are riddled with crumbs, or the carpet and stone or wood floors are filthy from all the holiday spills, and the kitchen and bathrooms are a mess… There is absolutely no time like the present to contact Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency. They can help you play catch up with the house cleaning and maid service by referring professional maids!

Howard’s is simply a phone call away. Now, you can let go. Consider going to a movie. You deserve it! Spend some time relaxing, and enjoy the memories of Turkey Day and spend time with family and friends.

Mondays are already daunting enough, so let the professional maids referred by Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency take the “manic” out of it, and devote that time you would be spending house cleaning, to enjoy those delicious leftover’s!