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Tuesday of Truth

Let’s be honest. In this day-and-age, we all are a bit leery of having complete strangers in our homes. For many reasons. Oh no, they may see how we really live! That sense of “Oh my gosh, the maids are coming today for house cleaning, so I need to straighten up my house!”. And on top of that, the real fear, that maybe something of your personal belongings may disappear.

Unfortunately these are the realities of living in this day-and-age. Unless it’s bolted to the ground, it may disappear by the maid service, or the maids may judge how I live?

These are normal and rational thoughts. You should be concerned about who enters your home. You should have questions. You should be asking if the safety of your home and its belongings are safe! Security is everything!

Are 1099’s tax forms filed? Are the maids vetted?

Are they going to be reliable? Is there security?

This is why Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency excels limitlessly in the house cleaning and maid service industry. ALL the professional highly experienced maids that are contracted with Howard’s, have been vetted, to make sure they are safe and secure for our clients and their homes. These maids (Independent Domestic Workers), take their profession very seriously, and, Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency takes security very seriously.

This is a professional Referral Agency, not a couple of unreliable independent cleaning people, with an unknown background. The contracted professional maids referred by Howard’s take their vocation seriously. They are professionals and take pride in doing a stellar job for Howard’s clients.

If you happen to leave $10.00 on the coffee table, that same $10.00 will be there after the maids have cleaned. There is something to be said about the peace of mind you will have once you have experienced the professionalism and security of Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency. So why wait?

Take the pressure off of yourself, and give yourself a break. Pick up the phone and call Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency today. Let Howard’s help you! I’m certain that once you give them a try, you’ll be hooked, and wonder why you didn’t pick up the phone sooner!

For all your home care needs. For house cleaning and maid service you can trust. Contact Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency today!