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We All Can’t Be June Cleaver

Remember the days of watching Leave It To Beaver? I was always mesmerized by how Mrs. June Cleaver. She would always be dressed to the nine’s while vacuuming in her high heels. Full hair and make-up and always wearing her pearls. All while raising two young boys!

Let Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency be your new Mrs. Cleaver! At Howard’s, your happiness is the most important commodity. Howard’s can refer professional maids to accommodate all your House Cleaning and Maid Service needs. Wouldn’t you love coming home to a clean home?


Give Howard’s House Cleaning a call today, and list your needs. They will assign professional maids (Independent Domestic Workers) that will get the job done right…the first time! Now you can finally exhale!

And the good news is, if you feel like wearing your high heels and pearls, and getting all dolled up with full hair and make-up, you don’t have to vacuum!!! We will just call this new age Mrs. June Cleaver 2.0!