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Normally I like to blog about why our referral agency, Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency located in Orange County is rated so high, and referred so much by our clients.

But, today, I want to relate a story about a contractor I recently met and utilized for some work at my home.

Over the last couple of years I have tried out different upholstery repairs company’s. None of them met minimum apprentice standards. My wife and I were always disappointed. How many times do you have to put your hand in the fire, before you find out that it burns!

For the last year I have been looking to purchase new theater chairs, because of my past experience with inept contractors. But my wife convinced me to give it one more try before purchasing new chairs.

I did some research, and located Sonny Nguyen, owner of Quality Furniture. He assured me that he could do the work, and that I would be very pleased with the finished refurbishment of my theater chairs. With a sense of trepidation, I made an appoint with him to stop by to check everything out and estimate the work.

Sonny showed up right at the appointed time, I didn’t have to wait around. He checked everything out, then gave me an estimate. I explained that I’ve have had many disappointments with previous contractors, and I was willing to give it one more try, before moving forward with new purchases. He reassured me that everything would be fine. The work estimate was fine, and we set up the day he would come to the house to perform the work. Again, he showed up on time, with a helper, and ALL HIS TOOLS, ready to go.

Over a period of about four hours he COMPLETELY REBUILT both my theater chairs. Not only did he rebuild them, better than they were new, but he custom fit them to me. I am so happy.

Today it’s hard to find anyone in the service industry that actually performs, so in my mind, Sonny is a Gem-In-The-Rough. I highly recommend him for all your furniture repairs. He is a real pro!

I hope you enjoyed this story about my experience. Remember for all your home care needs. When it comes to professional and reliable maids, with an emphasis on security and quality work. You can count on Howard’s Referral Agency located in Orange County to refer the very best.

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