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Weekend Summer House Cleaning

It’s the weekend again! You’ve spent the entire week working and you’ve decided that when the weekend comes, you’ll do something fun. Somehow that doesn’t happen. You look around the house and it is a total mess. You would allot the entire day to make your house look spick and span, but going to the beach sure sounds more fun.

There is no need to worry about cancelling that weekend plan of yours. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Howard’s. We are always at your service to do the house cleaning while you splash the cool waters.

One of our dear clients, Darlene from Huntington Beach, shares her story of how Howard’s saved her plans from being postponed.

“My family and I always schedule a family get-together every weekend. Stan and I work every day while the kids are in school so there’s barely any time for us to bond as a family. As a mom, I can’t even squeeze in the time to do a full house cleaning. I found out about Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency while browsing Instagram. After my first schedule with them, I immediately had their number on my speed dial so I can book a weekly house cleaning schedule with them. I just adore Howard’s excellent and professional cleaning services. They are the best!”

You can also experience the best house cleaning referral agency in Orange County. We always prioritize excellence and quality first. Schedule a house cleaning appointment with us today. Call us at 949 215 9550 or visit our website at howardshousecleaning.com to get a quote.

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