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Our Specialty: Satisfying the Most Discerning Clientele

House Cleaning & Maid Service in Orange County

Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, only refers the most professional maids (Independent Domestic Workers). They are simply the best!

This is what our clients tell us about the maids we refer: “Wow, I didn’t expect the maids to be this good,” or “This is by far the best cleaning crew we’ve ever had.”

While our agency and the maids we refer, never get tired of receiving compliments, we also appreciate knowing when expectations are not met, and a client is not happy. After-all, the maids that we refer, offer the highest level of professional service. This is how we stay in touch with the effectiveness of our agencies admin and the onsite efforts of the referred maids. We all want every client happy!

Our agency continues to grow from referrals because of our extraordinary client loyalty. How is this possible in a down economy? It’s simple… Our rates are reasonable, there is great professional Admin, and the referred maids are reliable and honest, and get the job done right! That’s Professional!

Ask any small business owner if they believe they can satisfy 100% of the clients 100% of the time and they will probably tell you, “No way.” Ask Howard’s Referral Agency that question, and we answer, Our Mission Statement is simple… “HAPPY CLIENTS”.

Much of our new business comes to us when a client is dissatisfied with a cleaning service. Those clients often come with preconceived notions. They tell us, “I’m really hard to please,” “I’m picky,” or “I’m a perfectionist.” Perfection doesn’t really scare us. The maids that we refer work hard to make perfectionists believers… and it works!

Our goal is simple…. Happy Clients = More Referrals.

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