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Our agency is the only way to fly… because you get a maid to Order

Is it just me? Am I the only one? Is it too much to ask to expect to get what you order? Every time? If you go through the drive through at the fast food joint, and you order a # 5, should you expect to get a # 5? Or should you expect to get a # 2 with onions, not your #5 without?

I know I’m not the only one this happens to. It happens to my wife too. What’s sad, is that now, you just about expect to get something you didn’t order. You have to check the bag before you drive away, unless you’re in the mood for a surprise.

It didn’t used to be that way, and it’s not the way we do business today at Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency. Only the most qualified, most experienced maids (IDW’s) “Independent Domestic Workers” are referred.

With HHCRA, if you order a # 5…You get a # 5. You get what you pay for!

If there’s a special request of the maids (IDW’s), it’ll be handled as well. The goal of these referred maids (IDW’s), is simple… MAKE THE CLIENT HAPPY!

The top six reasons why our clients choose our agency to refer maids (IDW’s) are:


1. Reliability – If one of your referred maids (IDW’s) is scheduled for duties at your home, they show up, on time.
2. Consistent Quality – When your maids (IDW’s) are finished cleaning, it’s clean. Every time.
3. Scheduling changes – are a breeze. Flexible and easy. Around your schedule.
4. Communication – Are state-of-the-art… Just an easy tele call or email away.
5. Security – Nobody does it better. Verified experience and background checks.
6. Taxes – Very Very important – Our agency processes and annually submits 1099′s on all maids (IDW’s).

At Howard’s, if you order a # 5, you’re going to get a #5.

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