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You’ve Tried the Rest… Now Try the Best… It’s time for Howard’s!

Finding a cleaning service can be a lot like finding a family doctor. It can take a lot of aches… pains… trial and error, before you find someone that really listens to you and that has the right mix of customer service skills, expertise, and experience to understand your needs, then act on them. At Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency (HHCRA). Customer Service is # 1. The maids (IDW’s) they refer have what you’re looking for: EXPERIENCE * EXPERTISE * VALUE * RELIABILITY * SECURITY.
They simply are ” The Best”.

At Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, when it comes to caring for our clients and their homes, the referred professional maids’ (IDW’s) have a proven track record. According to our clients, THEY ARE THE BEST ! The independent domestic workers (IDWs) care for homes like a really good doctor cares for a patient. Their goal every time they arrive is to make the home as clean and healthy as possible.

Just as some patients arrive at the doctor with poor diets or the need for a specific treatment program, the homes our referred IDWs clean, begin with varying degrees of wellness and need customized treatment programs. The prescription for a clean and healthy house is individual care and attention, and that’s what the maids referred by Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency are all about. They care, and they will get the job done!

Many homeowners contact us after they have repeatedly hired and fired housekeepers or services that come with a rotating band of unqualified and inexperienced personnel. In my opinion, they really have no business accessing anyone’s home. Their mere presence is putting homeowners and their property at great risk.

When you contact Howard’s, they will refer only the highest quality, most experienced maids (IDW’s)…. REAL CUSTOMER CARE PROS ! If you need something special done, or if you’re not happy with the way something was cleaned, you simply need to communicate it to the maids, and it will be taken care of. The maids (IDW’s) do what’s needed to fix what ails you or to put your home back on a healthy path.

At Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency. We understand that not every home requires the same prescription for its health. We also know that our clients are fiercely loyal. Like satisfied patients who have found the perfect doctor. At Howard’s count on the maids referred being the very best. They have one simple goal…. Make the client happy!

Now that you’ve tried the rest…it’s time to try the best. Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, Inc.

We refer professional house cleaners YOU CAN TRUST… Just what the doctor ordered.

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