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The Ides of March

Well, February is winding down and we will see if March comes in like a lion or like a lamb.  I prefer in comes in as a lion because it’s still cold and the month ending as a lamb is then much warmer.  Anyway, that’s what the Farmer’s Almanac says.  This also starts the purging month of all those unwanted things, sort of a pre-spring cleaning. Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency can help pack up those unwanted items to donate or sale.  Purging is such a freeing feeling….and a stimulate to shop for new exciting things. Welcome to March….(my birth month)

SERVICES:   Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Move-in, Move-out, and One-Time cleaning services.

WE ARE… in our client’s opinions, the top referral agency in South Orange County.

WE SPECIALIZE in referring professional housekeepers (Independent Domestic Workers), to our client’s homes for regular cleaning maintenance. EXCELLENCE!  Not just any housekeepers… These are the “best of the best”… real pros with real skills, and years of cleaning experience… AND… with great helpful & kind personalities!  ALWAYS… Security conscious!


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# House cleaning and maid service in Orange County and Laguna Woods

# Housekeeping and maid service in Orange County and Laguna Woods