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Just got back from a trip visiting with my brother, who lives in Oklahoma

Just got back from a trip visiting with my brother, who lives in Oklahoma. It’s a yearly trip and always iffy with the weather. Last year a tremendous tornado hit their ranch the night before I had to leave.  This year flying out Dallas the night before I left another tremendous tornado! I am getting the hint that those states are letting me know it’s a bad time of year to travel there.  Wonder if the tornado gods find it amusing to scare the pucky out of me. I felt so much better getting back to my earthquake prone state.  The message to me is that life is a crap shoot and you are either lucky or not. The real treat coming home was my clean home that Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency maids had cleaned the day before I arrived.

Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, Inc., located in Orange County.

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Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, Inc.

FOR LAGUNA WOODS CLIENTS:  One other important point:  Our corporate offices are located adjacent to Laguna Woods, off Ridge Route.  The other fact that our many Laguna Woods clients appreciate, is that my wife and I have been long time residents of Laguna Woods, so I really know and understand the project and the residents.

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