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I guess the snow has really hit the Midwest

I guess the snow has really hit the Midwest….living in sunny California does have it’s perks weather wise.  We think it’s cold when it hits below 55 degrees at night here in Orange County.     If you want to take some time off and spend the day outdoors… call Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency to schedule that cleaning and come home to a sparkly clean home.

PS: My next career is going to be a weatherman….it’s one of the few jobs you can be wrong 100% of the time and keep your job.

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WE SPECIALIZE in referring professional housekeepers and maids (Independent Domestic Workers), to our client’s homes for regular cleaning maintenance.  ONLY  THE  BEST!

EXCELLENCE!  Not just any housekeepers… These are the “best of the best”… real pros with real skills, and years of cleaning experience… AND… with great helpful & kind personalities!  ALWAYS… Security conscious!


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Howard’s House Cleaning Referral Agency, Inc.

FOR LAGUNA WOODS CLIENTS:  One other important point:  Our corporate offices are located adjacent to Laguna Woods, off Ridge Route.

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