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Inquisitive little girl

We have friends that have a young very inquisitive little girl with tons of questions and comments . She asked me if I know why fire trucks have Dalmatians with them. I asked why and she said silly they need them to find the fire hydrants. And she just cracked herself up and in turn...
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Problems order at fast food places?

Do you have any problems ordering at fast food places? I went into a local establishment and I ordered two Charbroiled Chicken Salad's and I ask that they hold the cheese on one. She asked me "which one"? I said again, holding my two fingers up two Charbroiled Chicken Salad's hold the cheese on one....
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Exercise & weight loss

Exercise...I have a love hate relationship with it. I work out and you know how you can plateau and not drop an ounce. After working out today I thought I had finally broken the plateau because my sweatpants were so much looser.....then I realized they had just come untied. Oh well, for a minute I...
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